To all the creators
out there,

Let us start by saying — we're your biggest fans. Yes, you. You who educate, entertain, inform, connect, uplift, and delight us like no other. You take the blank canvas of the internet and fill it with color.

The world is in the midst of a massive shift, and you’re leading it — but frankly, the deck is stacked against you. You're expected to grow an audience, manage a community, and run a business, all while staying on top of your creative game. Nothing has been built with you in mind, and that's the best thing the old world has going for it. Until now.

We created Stir to meet your unique needs as a creator, and to help you enhance and grow your business. Stir takes all the innovative ways you make money — like YouTube and Shopify and Patreon and Twitch and Instagram and Facebook and Brand Deals and Anchor — and puts them all in one place.

Stir is the secret weapon of the creator world.”

On top of all that, we've built a new way to work together called Splits: build and grow creative businesses with others. Split the AdSense on a YouTube channel or a single video. Split the profits of a few shirts or an entire line of merch. The opportunities are boundless, and your creativity will pave the way.

Stir is everything a creator business should have, and we’ve made it especially for you. Let's create together and show the old way how it’s done.

Cheers to a more imaginative world.

- Stir Team

Meet the Stir team

CEO & Co-Founder

Joe Albanese

Creator Partnerships Lead

Jackson Williams

Operations & People Lead

Jess Gimbel

Product & Strategy Lead


Product Engineer

Ross Campbell

Product Engineer

Hari Anbarasu

Team Admin

Dany Wardany

Product Design

Devan Patel

Product Engineer

Eli Badgio

Product Engineer

Annie Cheng

Product Engineer

Lara Bellatin

Creator Partnerships

Angela Liu

Co-Founder and Advisor

Kushal Byatnal

Our Fans Say

“Stir is working on vitial tools and software to help influencers run their businesses.”

Laura Santos


“Stir is working on vitial tools and software to help influencers run their businesses.”

Laura Santos

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