This Week In Creator News

09/02/22 - This Week in Creator News

Allyson Darling
Sep 2
2 min

This week in creator news, we have a little something for everyone. Here’s what happened this week in case you missed it.

1. OnlyFans creators are living the life as revenue rises 160% to $932 million in 2021 to $932 million in 2021.

  • With the number of creators rising 34% to 2.1 million in 2021 compared to the previous year and the number of fans rising 128% to almost 188 million, it’s a great time to be an OnlyFans Creator.  

2. There will be more ways for creators to make money in the Meta-verse!

  • With the plans to bring paid features for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp based on an internal note sent to employees last week. This new division at Meta would be the first (serious) venture in building out paid features across its biggest social apps — all three of which have billions of users.

3. May Twitter typos rest in peace — you can now edit tweets.

  • After years of people begging Twitter to let them edit their tweets, it’s finally given in. Currently, only those who pay for Twitter Blue can edit Tweets, but the company plans to roll it out to all users eventually. Being able to edit mistakes off the internet? I think it’s worth the $5/month for Twitter Blue, personally. The caveat: you can only edit your tweet within 30 minutes of posting.

4. Robert Kyncl steps down as YouTube’s Chief Business Officer after more than 12 years as senior exec.

  • Just an FYI for our YouTube Creators out there — learn more and view the internal memo in this piece.

5. Check out Capital for Creators, an intensive, hands-on course that provides you with insights and knowledge into the current investment landscape.

  • Take a look and gather information on how to fund your own creative business.

See you back here next week. 🤓

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