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09/23/22 - This Week In Creator News

Allyson Darling
Sep 23
2 min

Each week we round up the biggest stories that impact Creators and serve them to you in bite-sized pieces paired with our insight on why they matter. Whether the news is relevant, inspirational, or simply interesting — we love sharing it with you. Here’s what happened this week.

1. TikTok is increasing video description length from 300 to 2200 characters.

‍This is a huge opportunity in TikTok SEO and will allow content to be more searchable. TikTok told its users that this change would allow users to add more details about their creations and get closer to their audience — generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers. Learn more here.‍

shen says:

tiktok pulled a bird app move?? there have been far too many times i’ve accidentally refreshed my feed before finishing a particularly good video. but a few frantic searches almost always lead me to find them. tiktok seo is already so wild, so i can only imagine how good discoverability will get from now on!! 

2. Ludwig is starting an agency called Offbrand to share his live-streaming success with other creators.

‍The 25-year-old has risen rapidly on Twitch and YouTube to become one of the platforms’ biggest streamers, known for his wide variety of content. He knows his career as a content creator won’t last forever, and he’s created this agency to embrace it!

shen says:

i’ve seen too many of my favourite childhood creators slowly drop in viewership, lose relevancy, and drop off the face of the earth. supa cool to see ludwig having the foresight to futureproof (is that a word??) his income streams and to help creators all the while!!

‍3. You can now search across the top Ads on TikTok.

shen says:

not gonna lie, i generally scroll past ads on tiktok since i always end up getting the most irrelevant, insane recommendations ever. so i don’t have much to say about this!! but hopefully i will be getting less mobile game gameplay in my feed. and companies get a little more creative with their advertising.

‍4. Twitter now has a Tik-Tok-style feed, and visible view counts

This new layout will allow viewers to swipe through vertical videos, while some Twitter users can see how many views their tweets have.

shen says:

what. the tiktokification of twitter?? don’t know how to feel..

‍5. And just in case you missed it — check out our very own Emerging Creator’s Guide to the Brand Deal Galaxy! From getting started to tips, contracts, and common traps to avoid, this guide is a sweet resource for Creators looking for brand deals.

shen says:

YAY!!!!!!!!!! jess such a great job on this and delivered such an incredible piece jam packed with juicy insights and tips.. please go read it!!!!!!!!!

See you back here next week. 🤓

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