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09/30/22 - This Week In Creator News

Allyson Darling
Sep 30
2 min

Each week we gather the biggest stories that impact Creators and serve them to you in bite-sized-candy pieces paired with our insight on why they matter. Whether the news is relevant, inspirational, or simply interesting — we love sharing it with you.

1. Beehiv launched their ad network this week with the goal of monetizing your newsletter with premium sponsors, built by the same team who built Morning Brew’s internal advertising tools. 

Sign up for early access here!

shen says:

that kind of reads like an ad, but i swear it’s not!! (or at least, i don’t think it is??) anyways. wow!! this is neat!! love to see it!!!!! buzzed (haha funny) to see more creators getting paid!!

2. Big news for YouTube Creators this week: YouTube is looking to provide direct monezitation for Shorts. 

YouTube Creators will be allowed to use popular songs in their content. Beginning in early 2023, current and future YPP creators will be eligible for revenue sharing on Shorts. Learn more in their blog post here.

shen says:

BIG NEWS!! break out the caps lock key!! super sick to see. also coming out with creator music?? what is happening. are we living in a simulation. my youtube homepage is going to look and feel a lot different soon. and thank god that the era of the same two copyright-free songs playing in every video ever is over!!

3. Twitch was hacked, leading to a huge info dump earlier this week, sharing, among other disturbing things, that its top streamers make less than minimum wage. 

They *sort of* 🤔addressed the leaked info in a blog post from their President, Dan Clancy. 

shen says:

ooo. twitch. really in hot water lately!! this AND the 50/50 split coming out the same week that youtube is kind of killing it?? ouch. noah fence. but seeing so many streamers moving away to youtube now makes a whole lot of sense..

4. BeReal wants to start profiting! 

BeReal intends to keep its core platform free and will charge users for extra features when the time comes.. 

shen says:

it’s time to be real. (insert terrifying alert emoji here.) how many people will be willing to pay for extra features?? and what extra features will there be!! i’ve never fully bought into the bereal hype but i’m definitely interested in seeing where this goes!! and glad that they’re making their core platform free - doubt users would be too pleased if it suddenly shifted to be a paid app or something..


See you back here next week. 🤓

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