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my multipronged relationship with the youtube algorithm

Shen Gao
Sat 7
3 min

as of today, i own five youtube channels. 


beautifully terrifying. or terrifyingly beautiful. some might even go as far to say that it’s an assault on the eyes. take your pick!! 

whatever the case.. it’s undeniable that the youtube algorithm really is something. and if there is something i’m constantly hungry for, it is some good entertainment. but crazily enough.. i’m not always trying to see road rage compilations or movie recaps with questionable thumbnails!! 

ok. how do i make sure youtube dearest keeps me fed??

that’s where the five channels come in.

if i had started some mega content farming mcn, i’d be filthy rich!! but unfortunately for me and the little ipad kids who like oversaturated life hack videos (and copious amounts of butter apparently).. i do not.

so, rather than making valuable contributions to the youtube community, i have decided to receive more than i can give. i am consuming. and consuming good!!!! 

each channel has been carefully curated over time to reflect various topics i’m interested in. and i’m about to give you  an exclusive insider scoop!!

first off - the main channel i use..

i watch a lot of video essays and vlogs here. the main goal of this one is really to make me more like other girls. basically cool, fashionable, and smart. not sure if it's working. actually. i’m pretty sure it’s not working. nevertheless.. it’s fun to live vicariously through other people. not to mention how incredibly healthy it is for me and my mental health!!

number two - pretentious.

this is basically how i become the absolute worst, most obnoxious version of myself. a whole lot of books, music, art, movies, and philosophy i cannot pretend to understand. this is essentially fueling my entire personality and it’s all because of an algorithm?? i cannot spend too much time on this channel, lest i wish to become a recluse and spend the rest of my life reading sartre and being sad. 

third on the list - boss baby.

It basically contains everything that i’ve been able to find pertaining to the creator economy. this is how i burst out of my stupid little content bubble and see what’s really popular with the ‘kids’ nowadays. a whole lot of content analysis here!!!! feel like i could speak on a panel or give a talk after watching one of these videos. (not really!)

coming in fourth. but maybe first in my heart - mitu.

this is my refuge. an oasis of sorts. i use this to push youtube’s algorithm and see where it takes me. where else could i get youtube to recommend videos like my blackmoor fancy goldfish does an epic poo lol.wmv??

the final channel. or perhaps, my final form. 

tech bro. 

from time to time i watch these videos to learn a thing or two. to understand how people think and do things. maybe one day i will be a designer who codes slash thought-leader. only time will tell!!


with all this being said.. if i ever do feel a sudden urge to watch soap cutting compilations or asmr you have the plague.. i simply open an incognito tab!! that way i can occasionally delve into little niches (that i absolutely do not want taking over my entire feed) worry-free.

in conclusion.. youtube can be good if you bend and twist it to your will. be a manipulator!!

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