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09/09/22 - This Week in Creator News

Allyson Darling
Sep 9
2 min

Each week in Creator News we round up information we think is relevant, inspirational, or just plain interesting to Creators.

Check out what’s going on this week!

1. Is TikTok killing the concept of “Influencers”?

An interesting take from OG YouTuber is that although it’s easy for Creators to build a following on TikTok, they lack actual influence because people don’t feel connected to them. I personally think it’s hard to feel connected to anyone after a few seconds. TikTok is killing the idea of “influencers” and our attention spans, too, but boy, do I love it. 

2. Have you heard of Runway?

Text to video is coming soon — is there anything sweeter than typing an idea into your keyboard and having your words turned into a video ASAP?

3. 🚨New iPhone 14 Alert 🚨

She’s available September 16th, folks. What’s new? An always-on display. Why? So that you can always see the date, time, and notifications, even while it’s on the table next to you during dinner. This concept is old news to you if you have a modern Android phone. (But your texts are still green in our group chat!)

4. Instagram is removing some shopping features, with more to come.

In an internal note to employees, shared that although the shopping feature won’t completely be discontinued, a more streamlined and personalized version of the shopping page will be tested. Will we love it, or will we hate it? TBD.

5. Need some Inspiration?

  • Who: Bob Iger, also known as (former) CEO and Chairman of Disney
  • What: Spoke on Creators and the future of streaming and its cultural impact, with Kara Swisher stating: “Everybody’s anxious because this is an era of great transformation… If you’re a creator, I believe the world ahead is a great world because it’s going to create a lot of opportunities.”
  • What else: “We’ve gotta figure out how creators get compensated fairly.” We agree!
  • Where: Code Conference, baby!

See you back here next week. 🤓

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