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08/26/22 - This Week in Creator News

Allyson Darling
Aug 26
3 min

Each week we’ll round up the best stories in creator news and share them with you. From updates about TikTok to Twitch and everything in between, our goal is to support our creatives in creating by delivering impactful news to their inboxes.

1. Twitch will now let you stream on other platforms. Check out their Partner Exclusivity FAQ.

tldr: Yes! They’ve removed the exclusivity agreement that denied partners the ability to stream on other services. This means that the world is now your oyster on Twitch.

Previously, if you streamed on other platforms, like YouTube or Facebook, you couldn’t be monetized on Twitch due to their Partner Exclusivity Agreement. Now, with this change, you’ll have more flexibility to explore how to use different, off-platform features to further build your community.

2. Twitter is expanding its platform to podcasting.

tldr: A test version of Twitter Spaces launched today that includes podcasts — allowing users to listen to full shows through curated playlists based on interests. 

Topic-based playlists combining podcast episodes pulled RSS from Twitter’s social audio events and recordings. The topic-based playlists will function like a Pandora station but for spoken word. The test will roll out to a random group of users worldwide, first only in English.

3. Shopify launched Collabs! Sign up here bbs.

tldr: This new feature connects creators with merchants on its platform and gives them a new way to make money while also giving independent businesses a new sales and marketing channel.

Creators can get started by applying for a Shopify Collabs account. You’ll then be able to browse for Shopify merchants that align with your audience, partner with them, and curate a list of their products to share on social media using Shopify’s link bio tool, Linkpop. You’ll receive payments after a purchase is made using the link a creator has shared.

4. Reels are Instagram’s most liked type of content.

tldr: We all love ‘em.

A new report from HypeAuditor, aka influencer marketing platform, reveals that while Reels make up only 22.1% of Instagram’s content, they generate 35.4% of likes and 33.8% of views. 

5. Substack is now piloting Substack Threads — join their waitlist.

tldr: This feature will give writers a dedicated space to host richer conversations with subscribers with the goal of this new feature is to make it easier for writers to connect with their audience in a controlled and private space.       

Writers can interact with subscribers and nurture their paid community without competing in a news feed algorithm, optimized for engagement.

See you back here next week!

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