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Stir makes it easier to do what you do best, create opportunity. We offer a streamlined solution to handle payments, scale your business, and enable creativity.

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Trusted by industry veterans

Our network of managers and creators shape the products we build

A command center as dynamic as you

Simplify your operations, manage more creators

Automated payments

Never chase down payments again. Stir enables managers to safely and securely make payments on their creator’s behalf and automatically share platform revenues.

Instant Invoices

Handle your invoices in one minute, not 30. When you need to send an invoice, our virtual assistant Florence will take care of it– drawing them up and chasing them down.

Centralized analytics

Stir offers the ultimate command center, everything you need to know about your creators in one place, accessible to managers at the click of a button.

Stir Dashboard for Managers

"Stir saves me hours a week in administrative work, so I can focus on building bigger businesses for my creators"

Jordan | WAV

"Splits makes what was once a tedious monthly process, completely automated. Saving me at least an hour of time each month.”

Solidate | Apple Crider

Learn more about Stir for managers

What is Stir?

Stir is where creators run their business. We have also built a suite of financial tools that enable managers to scale their business.

Who are Stir’s backers?

We’re fortunate to be backed and advised by the best in the industry, including Andreessen Horowitz, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Chad Hurley (co-founder of YouTube), Steven Galanis (CEO of Cameo), Jack Conte (CEO of Patreon), Li Jin (Passion Economy Pioneer), Casey Neistat, and dozens of other industry veterans.

What are Splits and Pay?

Splits automatically divides up revenue from any project on a percentage or flat-fee basis. Split the AdSense on a YouTube channel or just a single video, or the profit of an entire line of merch or just a few shirts.

Stir Pay is a direct payments solution that enables creators and managers to send and receive instant payments with no fees. Stir partners with Stripe to move money directly from bank to bank. No digital wallets, no holds on funds, no delayed withdrawals, and most importantly - no fees.

How do I know Stir is safe to use?

We’re serious about security. Your financial information is kept completely private and all transactions are secured by TLS which encrypts and verified the integrity of any payment. View our detailed security policy here.

Manage with care. Manage with Stir.

Try Stir and explore all the tools and services you need to support your creators, handle payments, and grow your business.

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Stir Dashboard for Managers