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say hello to newsroom

A homepagefor your Discord

Newsroom gives your Discord communities a better way to be organized and stay up-to-date so you can collaborate and work stronger together. Welcome to multiplayer creativity.
Runs on Discord

A better way to Discord

Newsroom lets everyone in your community engage and collaborate in a simple and organized way. With features like highlights, top-conversations, and themed spaces everyone in your community can grow stronger together.
As unique as your community
Newsrooms can be customized to match your communities unique look and feel.
Browse your Discord with a feed
Newsroom delivers the best content of the day through a beautiful feed.
Find the things you care about. Easily
Newsrooms include a directory of all the content your community cares about.
Get started in under 2-minutes
You can add a Newsroom to your community in seconds. Just add our bot to your server.

Newsroom Roadmap

Our mission is to enable a world where anyone can make a living from their creativity. We believe the best way to make that happen is by building new tools that allow groups of people achieve creative feats together.
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Say Hello to Newsroom | A better way to Discord
A strong community is an engaged and informed one. With discord that can be challenging since we're busy and it was designed for real-time chat. Our first Newsroom drop solves this problem for communities.
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