How do I split OnlyFans revenue?

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September 21, 2021


OnlyFans Splits run whenever a creator withdraws funds from their OnlyFans Wallet and the money enters their bank account. This means that OnlyFans creators must withdraw funds from their OnlyFans Wallet in order for the Split to run.

For example, say Sara is an OnlyFans creator who created a Split on Stir with Julia. Whenever Sara cashes out her OnlyFans Wallet balance, there is a transfer of funds to her bank account. Once the transfer is complete, the Split will automatically run by withdrawing Julia's percentage of the total revenue from Sara's bank account and depositing it into Julia's bank account.

How to create an OnlyFans Split

To create a Split, navigate to the 'Splits' tab and click 'Create Split' in the upper right corner. Note that the owner of the OnlyFans account must be the person to create this Split. For example, if Sara and Julia want to split earnings from Sara's OnlyFans, Sara must create the Split — not Julia!

Select OnlyFans as your platform

From the platforms displayed, select OnlyFans.

Select your Split members

Once you select your revenue source, a pop-up will ask you to add your collaborators. These collaborators are your Split members, or the people with whom you will split your OnlyFans revenue.

If you have created a Split with them before, their emails will be displayed under 'Recent recipients.' If you've never shared a Split with them, add them by entering their email.

Adjust your Split member earnings

Use the sliding scale to adjust the percentage of earnings that each Split member will receive. Click the 'Make even' button beneath the sliding scale to split the money evenly.  

Enter the details in the Split summary

Split Name: name your Split anything that helps you remember what it is!

Message: add a message that your Split members will receive in an email asking them to accept your invitation to the Split.

Pay Out To: click 'Select bank source' and select the bank account that your OnlyFans payouts go to. You can either select from a list of previously connected bank accounts, or add a new bank account to Stir. To add a new bank account to Stir, Click '+ Add Bank Account' → 'Get Started.' Select your bank, add your credentials, then click 'Submit.'

Confirm your details

Double-check your information and click 'Create Split' to complete the process.

Read over your Split summary

The Split summary will provide the following receipt of your Split.

What's next?

Now that you've created your Split, Stir will automatically invite all Split members to the Split. The Split will become Active once all members have onboarded to Stir, if they haven't already.

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