Why hasn't my active Split run yet?

Last Updated:

January 18, 2022

There are three common reasons that your Split may not have run yet:

1. Revenue hasn't hit the Split owner's bank account yet

Splits pay out participants when money hits a Split owner's bank account. For OnlyFans, this means the Split owner needs to cash out their wallet. For YouTube, this means the Split won't run until the 21st of the month after earnings have been made.

2. The Split owner's bank account is disconnected from Stir

Only the Split Owner can check if their bank account is disconnected in 'Settings.' To reconnect a bank account, go to 'Settings,' then scroll down to the 'Bank Accounts' section, and click 'Reconnect Account.' If your bank account is disconnected, we will send the Split owner a notification that the bank account is disconnected and we will send Split participants a notification that their Split might be delayed.

3. Insufficient funds

Splits can be delayed due to insufficient funds in the Split owner's bank account. A split can only run if there is enough balance in the Split Owner's bank account to pay collaborators.

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