What is Stir?

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April 25, 2022

Stir is a financial studio for creators, managers, and creative team members (e.g. contractors or collaborators.) Stir helps split revenue, manage and pay collaborators, and track basic financial data — all in one place. Stir offers three core tools: Splits, Pay, and Home. Together, you can:

View financial and audience data from each platform, aggregated. See what's driving your bottom line so you can focus your time and money on all the right places.

Automate and divvy up income from any project on a percentage or flat-fee basis. Split the AdSense on a YouTube channel or just a single video. The profit of an entire line of merch or just a few shirts. Any transaction split is possible.

Send and receive instant payments with no fees. Stir partners with Stripe to move money directly from bank to bank. No digital wallets, no holds on funds, no delayed withdrawals, and most importantly - no fees.

Stir is fortunate to be backed and advised by the best in the industry, including Andreessen Horowitz, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Chad Hurley (co-founder of YouTube), Steven Galanis (CEO of Cameo), Jack Conte (CEO of Patreon), Li Jin (Passion Economy Pioneer), Casey Neistat, and other legendary folks.

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