January 23, 2022

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Every successful creator has a strong team reinforcing their business. But typically, these team members don't see any financial upside in the success of the content that they helped create. Splits changes that.

Eric Decker, better known as Airrack, is a YouTube creator with 2.63 million subscribers, and is known for his highly innovative video ideas. He is able to keep pushing the creative envelope because he has adopted a collaborative approach towards creativity. He often hosts writers' room style gatherings, where his team brainstorms ideas for his next videos.

Airrack uses Splits to ensure that the team members who contributed video ideas are also entitled to the financial upside from those videos when they are published — sharing a part of the ad revenue that video generates with the contributing team member

We know that successful creator businesses are a multiplayer effort, and Splits enables Airrack and his team to win — together.

Great video ideas are like finding gold for a creator! So when we initially started the "Creative Allegiance" to come together and brainstorm video ideas, we knew we wanted to compensate them accordingly for giving us great ideas! Splits let us bring them into the channel's success and see upside in the direct videos that they came up with

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Because creators have such powerful personal brands, the creator economy is often conceptualised as a single player game. However, from our experience building relationships with some of the world's most successful creators, we've come to realise that this is not the case.

The future of the creator economy is multiplayer. Right from day one, the core philosophy behind Splits has been to help creators harness the magic of multiplayer — we want to build powerful tools that enable creative collaboration, organisation, and connection.

Splits has been a significant first step as we work on manifesting our vision — enabling a world where anyone can make a living off of their creativity.

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