How do Splits work?

Last Updated:

June 20, 2022

Splits is a revenue-splitting tool that creators and managers can use to automate the process of sharing revenue that enters a creator's bank account. It is best understood through an example.

Jesse is a creator with a podcast on Anchor. He creates an Anchor Split on Stir with Whitney by designating 20% of his Anchor revenue to go to her. In this Split, Jesse links to Stir the same bank account he has connected to Anchor.

One day, Anchor pays Jesse $1,000. Jesse cashes out (orders a withdrawal of) $1,000 from his Anchor Wallet. A few days later, that $1,000 hits the same bank account that Jesse linked to Stir when he created the Split. Stir then automatically withdraws 20% from Jesse's bank account and sends it to Whitney.

The Split transaction shows up as a withdrawal in Jesse's bank account and a deposit in Whitney's bank account from "Stir Money." Both Jesse and Whitney can see the Split history in their Splits dashboard.

Note: Due to the ways that different creator platforms pay their creators, Splits work differently when splitting revenue for each platform.

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