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a gentle glimpse into my tiktok fyp

Shen Gao
Aug 19
8 mins

hi!! i’m shen. and this is my little corner of the internet!! brought to you by my newfound inability to write anything remotely educational and joe (mr. big cool fun ceo of stir) letting me say whatever i want!! to a certain extent. so i figured i'd do what i do best - ramble on about creators that hold a special place in my heart!!

tiktok is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re going to get. in my case, it’s mainly pretty girls and book recommendations (the duality of man!!) but occasionally, Mr. Al Gore Rhythm (referencing the algorithm!! not a person!! as far as i know!!) pats me on the head, tells me i’m a good girl, and treats me with an incredible life-altering video that leaves me in shambles. here are some creators on this wonderful platform that i’ve had the pleasure of encountering that i hope might also bring you some joy.


have long awaited the return of this incredible account. since the 21st of may, i’ve been checking regularly. and each time i grow a little less hopeful. today, as usual, i have been left disappointed. dejected. saddened. is this a metaphor for something? who cares.

it is with the strongest of convictions that i state that this is veggietales irl. except without veggies. these videos.. nay. films!! convey what many others have, for years, struggled to say. the depth and feeling emanating from every single piece they put out is truly incomparable to anything i’ve seen before. where else could you find two slightly over-ripe bananas singing a slightly out of sync cover of wonderwall. but i suppose all good things must come to an end.


maturing is looking at garfield. and saying. he just like me fr. this account sparked my self-realization journey. i have finally accepted that every day, i am slowly evolving into my final form. a mixture of ipad baby and facebook mom.

routinely set to a delightfully whimsical holiday tune, skating by vince guaraldi trio, these videos always end off with the same slightly pixelated picture of a rather devious looking garfield. in the constant chaos, he serves as an anchor in my life. things change and life goes on. but he will always be there. and everything will be okay!!


you know when people post those “timeline cleanse” things?? imagine if they actually were effective. and then realize that there is such a thing.

the oh so lovely barryxu4 blesses my feed in my times of need. when i have fallen victim to the blessing and curse that is infinite scroll, barry’s familiar gaze (occasionally punctuated by his sunglasses) bores down to the depths of my soul and his ever-classic camera angle brings me back to my reality. all expertly done so, may i add, to an absolute masterpiece  of a song like good time by owl city and carly rae jepsen. what more could you want from this life!!


who said tiktok can’t be educational?? probably no one ever. but i digress.

teachers are always going on and on about how math can be fun!! and i don’t think i fully grasped this concept until i stumbled across this creator. do i understand what’s going on? no. do i like what’s going on? yes!! never before has math been so mesmerizing. so delightful. and listen to those trending audios!!

perhaps the biggest appeal of this is the fact that the motives behind the account are entirely unknown. the username* certainly adds to the mystery. the suspense. how enigmatic.

*IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT IN THE STORY!! my genius big brain coworker lara just told me that the username digits correspond to π!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so there goes a bit of the intrigue. and yet.. there is still so much left to be solved!!


whoever is behind this account has created, quite possibly, the scariest thing i’ll ever come across. i think i’m watching a lovely cooking video except.. spoiler alert!! it’s slime!! yes. the craze that swept the nation and permanently scarred parents (and their carpets) for life.

i can’t decide if this is a “would you still love me if i were slime” or “is it cake except it’s actually slime” moment. but if you ever are in a little existential crisis era and start going all “we’re just meat sacks on a floating rock..” have you ever considered that we could just be slime? organs made of slime. blood made of slime. bones made of slime.

i figure that would be a lot worse. very viscous. so what if we are but simple meat sacks!! or even brains in a jar!! consider the idea that in another universe we are all just made of a glue and borax mixture. or perhaps even in this universe. and be grateful that, at least in this moment, there is the possibility that you are not made of slime.


if you've somehow made it this far.. WOW. thank you!! but also please never mention this to me in real life if you value my mental health slash perception of self. as far as i’m concerned, i'm simply Talking Into The Void!! that’s all for now. until next time..

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